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Swiss Data Deposit acquired by Cerina

Crédit des Alpes, the banking group controlled by the Italo-Swiss financier Fabrizio Cerina, has acquired 55% in Swiss Data Deposit AG of Zurich, one of the world’s main producers of technology for digital data protection and security. In Italy, Swiss Data Deposit mainly serves the large hospitals, supplying them with the most advanced technology for encryption and storage of sensitive data. Among the companies participated by Credit des Alpes are also Redaelli Tecnica SpA, the Italian market-leader and fifth in the world for the production of steel wires, and the restaurant group Cipriani (whose Harry’s Bar is the most famous brand) in London. On April 8th, during an interview with GdP, Glauco San Giovanni, head of the security service, explained that all sensitive data are stored in Zurich, in highly secure and impenetrable locations.

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